The solution that pays your loans for cars

Today, the Prince Hal marketing team brings you a business idea with which you can buy loans for cars that will make your loan pay almost alone.

As we all know, the Uber business model has revolutionized the taxi industry, and while some countries are late to adopt this and other similar business models, the trend does not go down even a little bit. For people looking to start their own businesses, this presents a very interesting possibility. While it is very easy to start, there are some important things to consider before venturing on this road to start your own Uber driving business, with which your car loans will be paid for alone.

 Uber: la solución que paga tus prestamos por autos

But, how do you know if you are a qualified driver for Uber?

Each country has its own requirements to be an Uber driver, so it is very important to make sure to verify the specific requirements depending on where you are, we recommend you to enter the official Uber site to find the requirements in your city.

In Mexico, only some cities throughout the country have operators. However, in large cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara or Monterrey, they have the following requirements:

  • Be of legal age
  • Copy of driver’s license.
  • Letter of no criminal record.
  • Go to a Care Center to be certified.
  • The car must have insurance whose policy must have certain characteristics, which are necessary to operate.

After registering, an online background check must be completed, which discards operators with a criminal record.

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In addition, the vehicle must meet the minimum requirements established by Uber, these requirements vary by city. In general, they are:

  • Must be model of the year 2008 or later.
  • 4 doors
  • Good general condition of the vehicle and its engine.
  • Without commercial brand
  • You must pass the vehicle inspection.

If you want to drive UberXL, UberBlack or other types of programs, the requirements of the car will be stricter, it is necessary to check the official website for more information.

Assuming they meet these requirements, actually becoming an Uber operator is quite simple, just sign up on your website and it will guide you through the rest.

Pros and cons of driving for this company

Car pawning Without stopping using the vehicle!

As with any commercial enterprise, there will be advantages and disadvantages associated with the effort of the collaborators, and it is important to understand them before deciding. The marketing team of Prince Hal, summarized the most common pros and cons in the operation of a vehicle with Uber to pay their loans for cars , however it must be remembered that this varies in each case:


  • It allows the operator to work when he wants, establishing his own schedules; all you have to do is be available and share your location in the App to start.
  • It may be a second job whose schedule is not as demanding; You can spend a couple of hours a day after taking the children to school or dedicating an entire day to them.
  • Security. This gives an environment of confidence to the driver, since in the Uber App the trips are registered, as well as the identity of the passenger. This guarantees a considerable reduction of the operator being a victim of an assault, this also thanks to the fact that the operator does not charge cash, since the payment is made from the app charged to the user’s card.


  • Does not have any type of work benefit.
  • Uber’s availability varies from city to city.

Returning to the question of being operators of Uber, with the same cars with which they requested in Prince Hal their loans for cars , let’s talk about the approximate monthly income of an Uber operator:

As in any business, the income and profits are variable, since there are many factors that influence the total sum, however one of those factors and that in our opinion is the most important is to be a good operator. Being a good Uber operator can make profits higher.

We have to take into account that if we are going to manage our own units ourselves, it is completely up to us to be good operators, but if they are looking for an operator to manage their cars, sharing profits can not be such a good idea, unless there is a risk that the person they assign as operator can generate losses with the car, which leads us to seriously consider this option, since it is not something that should be taken lightly. If you look for things to go well, there is nothing better than doing them yourself.

Working with Uber generates approximate profits, this varies from the number of hours worked per week, of $ 2,000 MXN, from which you have to discount expenses such as:

  • Refills of balance to the mobile phone.
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • In the case of having a driver for the car, it should be considered that this approximate profit must be distributed.

However, in the case of acquiring car loans in Prince Hal, obtaining the necessary income to cover this loan, as we have already seen, can be through Uber, since one of the advantages of our service is that you will be able to continue using your car during all the life of the loan. That is to say, the car for which they request a loan will be the same one that will allow them to pay it; as we saw Uber is a business option that will allow them to generate enough tickets to make their payments in Prince Hal without affecting their economy, besides working with Uber, as we saw previously, offers some advantages such as the possibility of meeting nice people and What will make the time that is dedicated to this work, not so heavy.

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